The Energy Leadership coaching and consulting process helps executives and managers explore, expand, and activate their individual leadership potential for their own professional development as individuals, as well as improve how they function together as a team and positively impact all under their influence.

Prevent burnout from dragging down your company by developing engaged, inspiring, and innovative leaders who increase employee productivity and satisfaction with a more energized and resilient company culture.

Burn-out is a wide-spread phenomenon with a 2018 Gallup report stating that “about two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout on the job.” Earlier this year (May 2019) the World Health Organization went so far as to classify burnout as a syndrome identifying the characteristics as feelings of energy depletion, increased mental distance, negativity toward one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy.

These characteristics create what can be a very subtle spiral effect that quietly drags down organizational performance through decreased employee productivity, increased turnover rates, and diminishing company morale. Many companies don’t even notice or address the effects of employee burnout until it hits the bottom-line with the company stuck in mediocrity or having flat-lined all together.

As a proactive leader, you may have already noticed some of the effects of burnout and tried to address them with incentives, perks, personality tests to make sure you’re hiring the right people, coaching, trainings, etc. You may have seen some short term benefits but most companies that spend large sums of money with these strategies will tell you that, not only is it hard to quantify the return on investment, but the improvements are hard to sustain over the long haul.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

- Winston Churchill


What these strategies miss is that the factors creating burnout relate primarily to interpersonal dynamics and how people experience and manage stress, which is exactly what the Core Energy Coaching™ method addresses.

Scientific evidence has shown that this method of leadership coaching improves an individual’s ability to inspire others, find solutions, pursue goals, and lead teams of people.

Through the process of Energy Leadership Coaching your leadership team will learn how to effectively utilize and manage stress within themselves, those they manage, and their team overall. They will also develop the innate ability to cultivate engaged and inspiring work environments, which is critical to increasing productivity and innovation, and thus, sustainable growth within a company.

I offer a variety of ways to engage this work with your team such as:

Energy Leadership Index Assessment (individual, group, and 360 available)


Individual and group coaching

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