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You deserve to shine bright without burning out.

Work & Life Coaching for Women Ready to Create Life Their Way

You're smart, strong, and super capable and you've done a lot of work to grow from hardship.

You've done all the "right" things to create success in life but still feel stressed and dissatisfied.

It's time for a change and you've tried everything you know (and you know a lot) but you still feel stuck.

First of all, you are not alone and there's nothing wrong with you!

Brains love patterns. Most of them are subconscious and many are tied to learned stories that block your intuition.

So, if you feel like your head and your heart are disconnected and you're continuously sabotaging yourself, it's not your fault!

Good news is, you CAN retrain your brain, take back control, and develop the self-trust to confidently create your life YOUR way.

I support clients in various areas including purpose, habits, motivation, time management, money, stress, impostor syndrome, organization, productivity, work/life balance, focus, communication, boundaries, leadership, and more.

Hey there! I'm Valerie.

I help passionate, high-achieving women pulled between work and family to create a fulfilling life that honors their whole self. 

Based in Chicago and supporting clients world-wide, I'm a Professional Certified Life Coach with a background spanning more than two decades in science and spiritually-based personal and professional development practices.

If you want to focus your energy, align your head and heart, follow through on your goals, and play full out on your life journey - without burning out -  you're in the right place!

Our society has a multitude of limiting beliefs about life, love, and what it takes to be successful. Many of these beliefs have infused our subconscious with self-sabotaging patterns.

Like you, I know the desire to be a calm, self-confident, and purposeful leader both at home and through my work in the world.

My job is to help you understand your patterns and consciously shift them, reclaiming your power to make an impact AND joyfully live life YOUR way.

Valerie in purple and yellow holding a notebook and pen, leaning against a brick wall and smiling

My philosophy is rooted in individual empowerment with social system awareness. I advocate being anti-racist, pro-love, and learning-oriented.

Life coaching with me honors your lived experiences, acknowledges where you are now, and helps you:

💜Deprogram harmful internalized stories

💜Relearn to hear and trust your intuition

💜Reclaim your authentic way of living life

💜Cultivate a graceful resilience for when life happens

(So, you won't find "fake it 'til you make it," "just think positive," "let's unpack your past over and over," or "fix you" advice.)

In this way we connect your head and heart, so you can get off the emotional roller-coaster of indecision and take consistent, energized action toward your goals – without sacrificing what's really important to you (ya know, like your health).

Valerie's client - Charlena

"Valerie helps me pay attention to the things I love and care about and more easily navigate the obstacles. I know what she does is science, but it feels like magic. The return on my mental freedom from working with her has helped my business, my life, and the balance between the two. I can make room for and pursue my passions thanks to the clarity I’ve gotten from our calls."

– Charlena S. (business owner & mom)

Valerie's client - Tara

"I've been able to create aligned goals and reach them, design the life I want and enjoy it, and give myself the grace I've needed to give myself for decades. The work I've done with Valerie has made me a more confident business owner, a more patient mom, and a more present wife. Our work helped me grow my business while cutting my work time in half."

- Tara B. (copywriter & mom)

Valerie's client - Tiana

"As I started to work on creating my business, Valerie helped me lay out the roadblocks and goals for me personally. She did not give me "here's what I would do" advice. Instead, she helped me find the right answers for ME to feel good about my own choices. I have learned so much about myself and how to tackle goals in my own unique way. I cannot recommend her enough!!!" 

- Tiana K. (business owner & mom)

You CAN have the fulfilling, purposeful, and fun life you want without burning yourself out to get there.

What to expect on an exploration call

I typically meet with life coaching clients via Zoom or phone, depending on coaching package and preference.

Listen to the Podcast

Unlimited is a podcast for badass women on a journey to let go of their learned limitations and create present, fun, and impactful lives. This podcast focuses on individual empowerment with social systems awareness. On it you'll find insights, interviews, and coaching sessions with practical tools you can apply in your own life.

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