My clients are usually high achievers who value authentic connections, social consciousness, and creativity. They care deeply about others and want to make a difference in the world while still enjoying life.

They often find me when they're striving to up-level their impact but feel stuck trying to make the right decisions, be consistent, and stay positive.

Sound like you?

When I work with clients, I use an effective framework that helps them find solutions that fit them. Through our work they achieve their goals faster as well as develop new habits that help them continue moving forward in an effective, sustainable, and enjoyable way long after our work together is complete.


Valerie Friedlander guides you through a power packed, no-nonsense and to the point experience! She has an ability to take you from an eagle eye view to the heart of the topic. After a session with her you'll feel like you see more clearly and can take the action steps that will help you move forward with grace to achieve your goals!

Irena Miller - Intuitive Yoga Teacher


Uncover your subconscious mindset blocks and shift them

Create alignment between you, your goals, and how you achieve them

Increase your ability to make clear & confident decisions

Allocate your time and energy to maximize impact

Develop more energizing and supportive habits of thought and action


Private Coaching

Private 1-1 coaching is a powerful partnership where we work together to optimize your life in both experience and impact.

In our sessions I help you connect dots that you are too close to see, access solutions that reflect the person you want to be, and solidify new neural connections making it easier to find and take aligned action moving forward.

We start with the ELI Assessment and continue with weekly sessions for 3 months, supplemented by deep dive exercises and unlimited virtual support between sessions.

Investment $2600 (Monthly payment plan available)

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A group coaching program for high-achieving women who want to be fully present, clear, and motivated to create life & business THEIR way.

Within a supportive group environment we'll take your business and life to the next level of awesome with individual coaching to help you find your personalized next steps, a toolbox to sustain a resilient mindset, and a community of amazing women to inspire, empower, and reinforce your progress.

Investment $800 (Monthly payment plan available)

Mindset Assessment

This assessment acts kind of like a mirror for your mindset. It will help you clearly see your mindset patterns, so that you can consciously maximize the ones that are already helping you and interrupt the ones currently working against you.

Recognized in Forbes, it's been consistently considered one of my clients' favorite personal development tools. (It's one of my faves too!)

Note: This assessment is included in any coaching package because the information helps us expedite the coaching process and create a more sustainable shift in life experience and goal achievement.

Investment $275

Create Your Flow

A DIY option if you want to do some deep holistic life work but aren't ready to invest in coaching.

This course is designed to help you build your unique stepping stones that move you forward  in an aligned way. It contains 10 core modules with video training on concepts and exercises, plus bonuses.

I developed this course from the common blocks I've helped dozens of clients work through to create shifts and find solutions that worked for them.

Note: This course is included as a supplement to any coaching package.

Investment $197

IMG_0798cropped3 - Melissa Lehman

Valerie helped me make a lot of progress in a short period of time. Her approach is very holistic and it's obvious that she TRULY cares about her clients. She goes above and beyond with what she offers and shares. After working with her I feel more confident in my own abilities to overcome obstacles.

Melissa Lehman - Instructional Content Strategist

This work is for you if

You are determined to make an impact in the world

You want more for your life than just getting by

What you’ve been doing isn’t working and you want to try something new

You know to create change you must first BE that change

You are ready to step into the unknown and write your own rules

You are willing to invest in your personal development

Portrait of gorgeous, smiling young lady using laptop computer at workplace

As a passionate, independent woman, it’s tempting to think that you just need to “try harder” on your own...

You can do that. But, I'm betting you're here because you know that's just one of society's stories that keep us stuck and you want to do it differently.

You want a way forward that's both effective AND honors the life you want for yourself and your family. 

I'm here for that!

Not sure what option would support you best? I'm happy to help you find the best fit for you and your goals.