Unlimited is a podcast for badass women who are on a journey to release learned limitations and live a more present, fun, and intentional life.

Tune in for inspiration and tools to help you reach for the stars while keeping your feet on the ground.

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Redefining Our Relationship to Productivity Blog Cover Image

Redefining Our Relationship to Productivity

By Valerie Friedlander

Redefining our relationship to productivity is a necessary component of preventing burnout and cultivating well-being. Our current societal relationship to productivity is built on the Industrial Revolution era conception of work ethic. This conception wraps our value into what we can produce, dehumanizing us in the process. In order to rehumanize our relationship to our…

Tending Your Self-Relationship Blog Cover

Tending Your Self-Relationship through Values & Shadow Work

By Valerie Friedlander

Tending your self-relationship through values & shadow work helps you engages the roots of your motivation and how you live your life. Our values form the basis of our core motivations. Shadow work helps us acknowledge and heal the wounds that inhibit awareness and access to our full self. While we live in a world…

Cultivating Collaboration Over Competition blog cover image

Cultivating Collaboration Over Competition

By Valerie Friedlander

Cultivating collaboration over competition is essential in today’s interconnected world. We don’t exist in a vacuum; our social understanding and discernment must be engaged collectively. The spaces we inhabit, like social media platforms, exert significant influence on our interactions, sometimes more than our intentions to be collaborative versus competitive. The Religious Society of Friends, commonly…

Reclaiming Creativity and Healing Through Art Blog Cover

Reclaiming Creativity and Healing Through Art

By Valerie Friedlander

Reclaiming creativity and healing through art is essential because you’re innately creative, even if you’re someone who wouldn’t label yourself as “a creative.” Many of people learn to disconnect from their creativity as children because self-expression doesn’t feel safe, pressure to do art “right” surrounded it with perfectionism, and internalized productivity prioritizing. All of these…

Foundations for Authentic Public Relations blog cover

Foundations for Authentic Public Relations

By Valerie Friedlander

Foundations for authentic public relations support building solid connections whether you are an organization or individual. The value of truly listening to others, understanding different perspectives and pathways toward a goal, and then following through on what you learn cannot be overstated. These principles of communication and relationship building are critical to create an impact…

Understanding the 5 Love Languages Blog Cover

Understanding the 5 Love Languages

By Valerie Friedlander

Understanding the 5 Love Languages has helped facilitate communication for many people but it has numerous limitations. While the 5 Love Languages has become an extremely popular relationship tool, it’s not a fix-all and it may not be the right approach for everyone. What about this tool makes it helpful and where it falls short…