Unlimited is a podcast for badass women who are on a journey to release learned limitations and live a more present, fun, and intentional life.

Tune in for inspiration and tools to help you reach for the stars while keeping your feet on the ground.

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How To Create Belonging Blog Post

How to Create Belonging

By Valerie Friedlander

How to create belonging starts with understanding that most of us don’t know what belonging really is. It’s hard to create something that you haven’t first experienced and there is a difference between intellectually understanding vs experiencing something. What most of us do experience is strong conditioning from a young age around fitting in –…

Reclaiming Humanity Through Grief Blog Cover

Reclaiming Humanity Through Grief

By Valerie Friedlander

Reclaiming humanity through grief is necessary for our ability to intentionally create a world that honors each person’s humanity. Understanding and having space to grieve and support each other through our grief helps us to connect to our shared humanity. In so many often unconscious ways, we are encouraged to dehumanize ourselves and others. One…

Rethinking Empowerment and Releasing Comparison blog cover

Rethinking Empowerment and Releasing Comparison

By Valerie Friedlander

Rethinking empowerment and releasing comparison go hand in hand in a society where empowerment is treated as a commodity and lifestyle is used as a sales tactic. Lifestyle as a sales tactic encourages us to compare how happy we are to how happy someone supposedly living a particular lifestyle appears to be. When empowerment is…

How to Cure Comparisonitis blog cover

How to Cure Comparisonitis

By Valerie Friedlander

How to cure comparisonitis starts by understanding the cause and that this isn’t just a “you” problem. It’s something that impacts you, your confidence, your sense of self, and your well-being, so it feels deeply personal. Since it’s internal, comparisonitis feels like a habit of comparing yourself to others in one or multiple areas. It’s…

Insights from Change Making Feminist Founders Blog Cover image

Insights from Change Making Feminist Founders

By Valerie Friedlander

Insights from change making feminist founders are an important type of support for other feminist business owners and leaders. We are surrounded by stories of what success is and what you must do to achieve it that perpetuate exploitation of ourselves, of others, and of our planet. These stories are what is normalized but they…

How to Create A Schedule That Works For You Blog Cover Image

How to Create A Schedule That Works For You

By Valerie Friedlander

How to create a schedule that works for you cannot take a one size fits all approach. Most so called “successful people” strategies play on the false idea that we all have the same 24 hours and should, therefore, be able to get the same amount done. These strategies fail to factor in our humanity,…