Creating Your Ideal Day YOUR Way

There are tons of books all about creating an ideal day or how to start your day so that you set yourself up for success. The problem with all these strategies is that they often tell you to do things that may not fit YOU and instead leave you feeling more frustrated and less productive. The truth is that your level of productivity will look different on different days and how you support your day needs to meet you where you’re at. At the same time, outlining what you want and creating routines are definitely helpful for productivity and life enjoyment. So, what’s the happy medium?

In this episode of Unlimited, I’m diving into how to create supportive foundations for making the most of your day.  

Some of what I’ll cover in this episode include:

  • How to bake flexibility into your plans
  • Determining routines that support you
  • Meeting yourself where you’re at in creating new habits
  • Understanding the relationship between time and energy
  • Exercises to assess where you’re spending your energy

I went into survival mode with my time when Covid locked us all down, mostly feeling like all I had space for was whatever felt most pressing in that moment. Living like that can become a habit without you even realizing it isn’t necessary anymore, that you actually have at least some of your bearings back. It takes pausing to notice, assess, and envision something different in order to start shifting that way of being. Hopefully this episode helps you begin that process.

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