Ditch the Money Shame & Support Your Goals with Ornella Yovo

Money is a topic we are obsessed with in this society. It’s incredibly sensitive, so we rarely talk about it directly. Yet we’re constantly surrounded by conversations related to it. Part of the reason is that there is a great deal of shame surrounding it – mostly in not having it, though for some there’s shame in having it that leads them to not have it. All this emotional weight and avoidance creates a very disempowering dynamic.  In order to reclaim this tool to build sustainable lives and businesses we must start by intentionally engaging our relationship with money.

In this episode of the Unlimited Podcast I invited Ornella E Yovo to join me in a conversation around developing tangible financial empowerment.

Some of what we talk about in this episode include:

  • Why we avoid dealing with money and what avoidance can look like
  • Building your financial muscles
  • The problems with trying to “mindset” your way to wealth
  • Creating sustainable habits around money
  • Setting boundaries to strategically engage goals
  • And more!

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