Do You Feel Called To Get Involved In Local Government?

Many women feel called to get involved in their local government. Women and other minorities are drastically under-represented on all levels of government. Most of us agree the consequences of this are highly problematic. We want to contribute to make our communities a better place, but we typically opt for volunteer opportunities over running for office. Volunteering IS certainly important but what holds us back from running and helping reduce this representation gap ourselves? There’s a commitment involved but we give that in other places… So why not commit and contribute as an elected official? Some of what holds us back is logistical, but some of it is an overwhelm that stems from what we THINK it looks like to run for and hold office.

In this episode of Unlimited, the podcast, I invited Kristal Larson, Clerk of Avon Township to join me in a conversation around some of the beliefs and mindset barriers that hold women back from actually running for office when they feel called to get involved in their local government .

Some of what we talk about includes:

  • Misconceptions about running for office/being in office
  • The importance of knowing what’s important to you
  • Building confidence being visible
  • Being a business owner, advocate, AND elected official
  • Where to start if you want to get involved
  • Staying centered when doing all the things

If you’re feeling called to run for office, know that it’s not as overwhelming as you think and the support is out there!

Go to meetings, reach out to aligned officials, show your passion. Remember, we want YOU!

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