How Do I Find What I Really Want?

A single woman in her early 40’s who loves to sing, dance, craft, and cook was contemplating starting a business in performance until the Coronapocolypse began. She’s trying to use this time now for introspection and personal development while also balancing a fulfilling but low-paying day job with paying student loans and renovating a house. She wants to find out what she really wants her next step to be.

She signed up for this session because she has a history of people-pleasing and wanted support to learn how to find her own wants and needs more quickly and develop new habits that allow self-love and success to thrive in her life.

In this episode of Unlimited, you’ll hear us journey through unlocking what’s kept her from what she really wants and a motivation to take action to achieve it.

Some of what we engage in this episode include:

  • Motivation blocks
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Celebrating to build confidence
  • Resisting more than “good enough”
  • Building self-worth

This episode is for you if you’ve ever struggled to know what you really wanted beyond what people said you should do or things you were just good at.

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