It’s Simple, So Why Am I Not Doing It?

Have you ever really wanted to do something simple yet kept not doing it?

The woman in this session came to me because she wanted to write a book and she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t. All her natural obstacles were gone, and she had the perfect conditions for finally doing it: stable income, older kids, stuck at home… yet she still didn’t write. 

In this episode of Unlimited, we dig into what creates “stuck” and develop practical steps to taking action with added inspiration from a surprise visitor…

Some of what we engage in this episode include:

  • Creating clarity to motivate simple action
  • How we create obstacles to action
  • Tapping into current habits to lean into new things
  • Releasing control & attachment to outcome
  • Developing self-trust through action
  • Utilizing your stress response to get things done

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