Leaning into a Mid-life Career Change

Leaning into a mid-life career change isn’t easy. Yet it is a reality for many people, especially Moms, and even more so recently. This change often challenges our identity, worth, and sense of place since we are socialized to intertwine these aspects of our life. The woman I work with in this episode reached out to me feeling STUCK. A recent ADHD diagnosis rocked her world. Due to the reverberations of this diagnosis, she made the decision to leave a job that felt like the perfect fit in many ways. Her hope in signing up for a session was to gain a sense of how to figure out what to do next and that it will all be okay.

In this episode of Unlimited, you’ll hear us explore the process of reimagining purpose through leaning into a mid-life career change.

Some of what we engage in this episode include:

  • Re-centering in yourself
  • Stepping into the unknown
  • Identifying what’s important in work
  • Finding your next step

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