Loving Yourself Through Grief

Loving yourself through grief is important, especially during the holidays. The holidays can be a very difficult time for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, regardless of when that person passed. That grief is particularly present and extensive this year with COVID making 2020 the deadliest year in U.S. history. Many people are also experiencing this from loss of jobs, plans, relationships, etc. and even simply in empathy with our communal grief.

In this episode of the Unlimited Podcast I invited Lisa Zawrotny to join me for a conversation focused on loving yourself through grief and how to care for each other.

Some of what we talk about in this episode include:

  • Learning about ourselves in the mess
  • The difference between being organized and simplified and neat and tidy
  • Different kinds of grief and ways we grieve
  • What intentionality around grief looks like
  • How to be supportive of someone’s grieving process

In many ways, we only just scratch the surface of this conversation but conversations help create space for healing and you have to start somewhere. If you are experiencing any kind or layer of grief, you are not alone. You deserve love, space, and grace as you process that experience however it is showing up for you right now. I encourage you to check out the additional resource links below.

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