Making Decisions I Can Trust

Making decisions I can trust is at the root of the idea of having clarity and feeling confident. Clarity and confidence are the two things most of my clients come to me saying they want. They’ve started doubting themselves because they’re not doing the things they say they want to do or they’ve checked all those boxes but haven’t achieved what they expected. Paralysis by analysis sets in and they feel stuck, unable to make decisions they feel like they can trust. Most of us have been here at some point in our lives thanks to some of the harmful social stories embedded in our society. Even with a lifetime surrounded by discernment work, I’ve been there too.

In this episode of Unlimited, the podcast, I’m diving into what’s blocking your sense of clarity, what to watch out for when you’re feeling unclear, and how to develop your ability to make confident decisions.

Some of what I’ll cover in this episode include:

  • Individual and social patterns that make it hard to find clarity
  • Overcoming past mistakes and right-sizing decisions
  • The trap of people who want to help you – including coaches
  • Decisions that do the most harm to your self-trust
  • Ways to rebuild your self-trust
  • Support for being the expert of your own life

Thank you for listening!

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