Retraining Your Body and Your Brain

Retraining Your Body takes Retraining your Brain and establishing a conscious relationship between the two. Brains love patterns and most of them reside in your subconscious because your brain is designed to make things easier for you. It learns the pattern and, as soon as possible, moves that learning into your subconscious, in order to respond faster and with less energy. Though that pattern was created for a reason and must have served you (or even generations before you) in some way, that doesn’t mean it is helpful now for what you want to do or who you want to be. This is true with both mindset patterns as well as patterns in the way you move your body. The good news is that those patterns aren’t fixed. You CAN change them, especially with a little help from someone trained to support those shifts. 

In this episode of the Unlimited Podcast I invited Kira Macoun to join me in a conversation around retraining your body to support you better.

Some of what we talk about in this episode include:

  • Functional and somatic fitness to reduce chronic pain
  • Identifying the problem when it’s not where you feel the pain
  • Re-engaging the brain-body connection
  • The importance of taking time to notice your patterns physically AND in life
  • How to create more freedom in your body and beyond
  • Effectively releasing your stress posture

Thank you for listening!

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