So, You Want To Start A Podcast

So, you want to start a podcast or maybe you’re thinking of turning a side-hustle into a business. Both are big commitments, which means there are several similarities between the two. (And if you want to do both, even better!) Marketing initiatives use stories of starting a successful business, successful podcast all the time. If you’re like me, you wonder about the behind the scenes of some of those “then I built a 6-figure biz” montages. You know they tend to skim over the tough stuff. Then they use that montage to sell you on how they can help you fast track success with their 14-day formula. Though there can be best practices, part of the point of creating something is that it’s uniquely yours. That means you’ve still got to go through your own “not-a-montage-yet” journey. Thus, you want a realistic picture of what such a big commitment is really like before stepping into it yourself.

In this episode of the Unlimited podcast I invited Alesia Galati to join me in a conversation around the behind the scenes of starting a successful podcast and a successful business.

Some of what we talk about in this episode includes:

  • When the universe gives you a little push
  • Charging for services as you get started
  • Having a support network… and using it!
  • How to start a podcast that’s sustainable
  • Give yourself time to know what you want and to plan accordingly
  • Best practices may be highly recommended, but they aren’t rules

Thank you for listening!

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