Stop Being Nice and Start Being Resilient

We need to stop being nice and start being resilient. Hurt feelings happen. However, we’ve been trained to avoid them, rather than how to process and deal with them in a productive way. This leads to codependent behaviors on an individual level and feeds problematic power dynamics on a societal level. Corporate culture etiquette emphasizes the unconscious expectations on women to manage other people’s (especially men’s) emotional comfort. These expectations are often deeply internalized and keep us playing small. They also often lead us to perpetuate dysfunctional and harmful norms.  It is critical that we learn how to process our own emotions. That’s how we can show up with graceful resilience to support our ability to play fully in the world. Not to mention, create change in these problematic patterns.

In this episode of Unlimited, I share about the time I was told to “Google tact” and my insights now as a coach who supports emotional intelligence.

Some of what I’ll cover in this episode include:

  • Corporate tone policing supporting success in a toxic structure
  • Deconstructing identity stories that perpetuate problematic systems
  • The importance of engaging emotions
  • Allowing space for self-growth through discomfort
  • The problem with the Golden Rule

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There is so much more to this topic and I feel called to some deeper explorations within it. Possibly to share in a longer written format down the road… so…

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