Sustainable & Ethical Entrepreneurship with Erika Tebbens

Growing up we learn to follow the rules, hustle to create success, if we make enough money we’ll be happy and valuable… Most of these stories are rooted in toxic systems that reinforce harmful ways of engaging money and people. This doesn’t make money bad. There are ways to create a sustainable business that allows you to make money ethically.

But it does mean that we need an additional level of mindfulness to engage running a business that is sustainable and ethical in practice as well as product.  It takes cutting out the noise from all the “right way” gurus and following a path that you create based on your gifts, interests, and values. AND doing your own work to deprogram the unavoidably internalized hustle culture.

In this episode of the Unlimited Podcast I invited Erika Tebbens to join me in a conversation around being sustainable AND ethical as an entrepreneur.

  • Creating systems that are aligned with your gifts and interests
  • Mindset around pricing to be sustainable
  • Tapping into your intuition to build your business
  • Releasing shiny object syndrome
  • Learning how to trust yourself and live in integrity
  • And so much more!

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