The Pressure to Love Your Job

The pressure to love your job is something you’ve likely experienced whether you love your job or not. In the United States, we are surrounded by the story that you achieve success through having a job you love. Perhaps success is simply that you enjoy the privilege of doing a job you love. Another possibility is that you won’t feel like you’re doing work, will then work harder, and therefore create success. (Likewise, this story also perpetuates the idea that working hard will always lead to success.) What this story obscures is that loving your work doesn’t make it not work. Ultimately, this story is designed to keep you from setting boundaries and instead buy into your own exploitation.

In this episode of Unlimited, I invited Cristin Downs to join me in a conversation about understanding and releasing the pressure to love your job.

Some of what we talk about in this episode includes: 

  • The purpose of pressure to love your job
  • The burnout cycle that keeps you stuck
  • Expectations when you apply for a job
  • Leadership examples and quiet quitting
  • Freeing your identity from your job
  • Setting boundaries around work

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