How to Create A Plan You’ll Follow Through On

How To Create A Plan You'll Follow Through On blog cover

How to create a plan you’ll follow through on starts with setting a clear foundation for that plan. Many clients come to me when they aren’t following through on achieving something they want. Even when they have a plan, they still aren’t doing what they think they need to do to achieve it. Once we…

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The Courage to Change

The Courage to Change Blog Cover

The courage to change comes from inside of you but requires and deserves support from others. You need other people to help you see and hear yourself clearly as well as to see more clearly what needs to change. This is especially true the easier it is for you to fit into and follow the…

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Break Free From Assumptions & Misaligned Rules

Breaking free from assumptions blog cover

Breaking free from assumptions and misaligned rules is a multi-layered process. We all have rules for how we believe we are supposed to do life. They are tied to our values, to societal norms, and the stories we’ve been told about who we are and the way the world is. Since we do not exist…

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A Roundtable to Improve Your Perception

A roundtable to improve your perception Blog Cover

A roundtable to improve your perception is necessary because perception isn’t just an inside job. The inside part is only the first step. You do need the willingness to expand and the courage to change. Then, improving your perception requires conversations and learning from others who have different experiences. Only through this next level of…

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Helpful vs Harmful Mindset Work

Helpful vs Harmful Mindset Work Blog Cover

Helpful vs harmful mindset work is a critical distinction to make for anyone interested in real change. Too many of the problems our society faces are framed as individual issues and placed on individuals to solve. First, this fails to address the real issues and instead perpetuates them. Second, it has developed a billion-dollar industry…

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Shift From Drained to Motivated

Shift from Drained to Motivated Blog Cover

Shift from drained to motivated by understanding five commonly internalized values that often work against women. Our values are beliefs that motivate us and drive our decisions. However, not all the values we hold are intentionally chosen values. Many of them are internalized beliefs from important adults when we were young, as well as beliefs…

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How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding

How to Stop Reacting and Start Responding Blog Cover

How to stop reacting and start responding starts with understanding that internal reactivity is normal. It happens when your brain perceives a threat. That internal reaction doesn’t differentiate between a real or imagined threat or between an emotional or physical threat. Some of our most common reactivity comes from a perceived threat to our values.…

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Clarifying What You Want

Clarifying What You Want Blog Cover

Clarifying what you want can be overwhelming, especially when you’re stressed out where you are now.  Gaining clarity is something a lot of clients initially come to me for help with. It’s one thing to recognize that you don’t like the way things are. That’s a helpful first step. Next, you want to find what…

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How to Manifest What You Want

How to Manifest What You Want Blog Cover

How to manifest what you want in life is a fairly mainstream topic these days, yet it’s also typically misunderstood. It’s misunderstood because it’s a concept popularized by books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. This concept of manifestation is based in problematic pseudoscience. It relates to believing something into existence and it…

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Done With New Year, New You

Done with new year new you blog post image

I’m done with new year new you. It’s really common messaging at both the end and beginning of the year. We hear it ALL the time from people trying to sell you things. You could even say we’re bombarded with it. At least, that’s how I feel about it because it really pushes my buttons.…

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