Finding Time to Proactively Plan

Finding time to proactively plan is hard in a world where our attention is constantly in demand. It is especially difficult to find time to plan when your plan involves doing something new. First, you must navigate a society designed to keep you busy – physically busy, mentally busy, emotionally busy. Second, you must face…

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Break Free From Assumptions & Misaligned Rules

Breaking free from assumptions blog cover

Breaking free from assumptions and misaligned rules is a multi-layered process. We all have rules for how we believe we are supposed to do life. They are tied to our values, to societal norms, and the stories we’ve been told about who we are and the way the world is. Since we do not exist…

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Helpful vs Harmful Mindset Work

Helpful vs Harmful Mindset Work Blog Cover

Helpful vs harmful mindset work is a critical distinction to make for anyone interested in real change. Too many of the problems our society faces are framed as individual issues and placed on individuals to solve. First, this fails to address the real issues and instead perpetuates them. Second, it has developed a billion-dollar industry…

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Clarifying What You Want

Clarifying What You Want Blog Cover

Clarifying what you want can be overwhelming, especially when you’re stressed out where you are now.  Gaining clarity is something a lot of clients initially come to me for help with. It’s one thing to recognize that you don’t like the way things are. That’s a helpful first step. Next, you want to find what…

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Empowering Evolution in Your Work

Empowering Evolution in Your Work blog image

Empowering evolution in your work is first and foremost about recognizing that you CAN evolve. You are not confined to what you currently know or the way you currently are or even what you’ve done in the past. With that belief, each choice becomes an opportunity to evolve into MORE the person you want to…

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Do You Feel Called To Get Involved In Local Government?

Do You Feel Called To Get Involved blog image

Many women feel called to get involved in their local government. Women and other minorities are drastically under-represented on all levels of government. Most of us agree the consequences of this are highly problematic. We want to contribute to make our communities a better place, but we typically opt for volunteer opportunities over running for…

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So, You Want To Start A Podcast

So, You Want To Start A Podcast Blog post

So, you want to start a podcast or maybe you’re thinking of turning a side-hustle into a business. Both are big commitments, which means there are several similarities between the two. (And if you want to do both, even better!) Marketing initiatives use stories of starting a successful business, successful podcast all the time. If…

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You Are NOT Too Much

You are NOT too much. Society constantly feeds women the message that we’re too much something or another. These messages are designed to keep us playing small. To keep us “in our place.” It’s time to deprogram our internalization of these stories. When I was young, I knew I was amazing. I was creative. I…

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6 Books To Support Your Mindset

These 6 books to support your mindset are great as a holiday gift for yourself or someone else to kick off an empowered new year! I did a poll in my community recently to see what everyone wanted me to focus on supporting them with during the holiday season. The main request was for help…

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