How to Create Belonging

How To Create Belonging Blog Post

How to create belonging starts with understanding that most of us don’t know what belonging really is. It’s hard to create something that you haven’t first experienced and there is a difference between intellectually understanding vs experiencing something. What most of us do experience is strong conditioning from a young age around fitting in –…

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Reclaiming Humanity Through Grief

Reclaiming Humanity Through Grief Blog Cover

Reclaiming humanity through grief is necessary for our ability to intentionally create a world that honors each person’s humanity. Understanding and having space to grieve and support each other through our grief helps us to connect to our shared humanity. In so many often unconscious ways, we are encouraged to dehumanize ourselves and others. One…

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How to Cure Comparisonitis

How to Cure Comparisonitis blog cover

How to cure comparisonitis starts by understanding the cause and that this isn’t just a “you” problem. It’s something that impacts you, your confidence, your sense of self, and your well-being, so it feels deeply personal. Since it’s internal, comparisonitis feels like a habit of comparing yourself to others in one or multiple areas. It’s…

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You Are NOT Too Much

You are NOT too much. Society constantly feeds women the message that we’re too much something or another. These messages are designed to keep us playing small. To keep us “in our place.” It’s time to deprogram our internalization of these stories. When I was young, I knew I was amazing. I was creative. I…

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6 Books To Support Your Mindset

These 6 books to support your mindset are great as a holiday gift for yourself or someone else to kick off an empowered new year! I did a poll in my community recently to see what everyone wanted me to focus on supporting them with during the holiday season. The main request was for help…

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