How to Cure Comparisonitis

How to cure comparisonitis starts by understanding the cause and that this isn’t just a “you” problem. It’s something that impacts you, your confidence, your sense of self, and your well-being, so it feels deeply personal. Since it’s internal, comparisonitis feels like a habit of comparing yourself to others in one or multiple areas. It’s usually triggered in an area that already feels endangered in some way – often things like financial success or belonging. It turns into a cycle of validation seeking where you feel inadequate or less than, doubt yourself and your abilities and seek validation from others which tends to further erode self-esteem. It’s also framed as an individual issue even when noted as being exacerbated by things like social media. But you can tell there’s more to it both in what feels threatened and how it’s exacerbated.

In this episode of Unlimited, I’m exploring the causes of and how to cure comparisonitis.

Some of what I’ll cover in this episode include:

  • Losing my self and self-trust
  • Sacrificing authenticity for belonging
  • Survival mode upholds societal norms
  • Engaging individual and collective healing
  • 4 steps to recalibrate your inner compass

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