6 Books To Support Your Mindset

These 6 books to support your mindset are great as a holiday gift for yourself or someone else to kick off an empowered new year!

I did a poll in my community recently to see what everyone wanted me to focus on supporting them with during the holiday season. The main request was for help setting up for an awesome next year.

To help out, I put together this short list of books that I highly recommend, all of which are short, easy reads with a powerful impact that you’ll come back to again and again.

AND they’re all less than $15 each. So worth it!

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The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The teachings in this book are simple but POWERFUL. I wouldn’t say I carry out the agreements perfectly (actually that’s part of what’s in the book) but keeping in mind the concepts have been SO helpful. The book says it’s A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom and I absolutely agree – just remember that personal freedom is a journey and it’s about progress, not perfection. This is a short book that you’ll come back to frequently for reminders. You’ll want to dog-ear, highlight, and write in it. (Note: The story the book is grounded in may seem a little woo, but go with it. It creates a helpful way to conceptualize the teachings.)

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman


This book helped my marriage tremendously! My husband and I were doing well overall but reading this book took it to the next level. I read it out loud to him (mostly while he was in the shower and was a captive audience LOL). Each chapter goes over a love language and then has some questions to explore. Reading about each language and our conversations around the questions brought us each insight into ourselves as well as our dynamics as a couple. We now are much more aware of ourselves and better able to support each other thanks to this book. (And, yes, I did ask my husband for his thoughts about the book before writing this, so I knew I could speak for him too.)

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

As Austin Kleon says in the beginning of this book, “These ideas apply to anyone who’s trying to inject some sort of creativity into their life and their work. (That should describe all of us.)”
When I started reading this book I didn’t realize how many creativity tools I’d unconsciously labeled as taboo. It really helped to see each idea and then all the quotes (many which I’m totally gonna re-use) to realize that I’d been avoiding them as well as feel like I had permission to start using them.
Overall, this book is wonderfully insightful, small of size, and totally readable bits at a time. Basically, it’s the perfect for a Mom on the go who wants to inspire her creative self for business, parenting, and beyond.

Work Hard, Dream Big Coloring Book by Cherina Kohey

I have to tell you, I’ve been a huge fan of coloring since before it was cool to do it as an adult but love that it’s caught on! What’s so awesome about coloring? Most people have heard that it’s important to allow time for meditation and to just be but our society doesn’t really place value on that. Especially Moms find it hard to have “non-productive” time for ourselves, let alone the space to actually quiet the mind. (Heck, our lists make lists in our head.) Coloring is a wonderful way to get into an almost meditative zone while DOING something. AND, it’s also something with that quality that you can do with your kids. (WHAT?! I know, right?)

What I love about this book versus some other “Mom” coloring books, is that all the messages you’re putting focus into are affirmations, something you might even hang in your bedroom or office as a reminder.

Parentally Incorrect by Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee

We all need a good laugh and a reminder that we’re not alone in the messy business of parenting. The ladies of The Pump and Dump Show are all about creating a band of mothers where we connect beyond the details of what kind of parenting works for us. Their funny songs and stories help their audience tap into the joy in both the pain and pleasure of Motherhood. (Check out Your An Awesome Mom on YouTube) During their shows they ask Moms to share on a note card the craziest, most exasperating, and unforgettably f**ked-up things their kids have done and this book is a combination of those submissions.

They say laughter is the best medicine and I’m as big a fan of that as I am of a good cry. This book might give you both as you laugh so hard you cry, hence it’s inclusion in this list.

Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth

I love this children’s book! (Interestingly, it’s also the only one that’s just over $15 – cause we buy more expensive for our kids?)

This book is a fun tale of a Zen panda bear who makes friends with 4 children. Each child spends time with the bear and each receives a powerful story about mindfully engaging life. From the monk who carries a grudge toward an unappreciative lady longer than his fellow monk carries the lady herself to the farmer who makes the best of his fortunes regardless of whether others judge them as “good” or “bad,” I never get tired of reading it with my kids and deeply appreciate the reminders for myself and for them.

When doing the deep work, I’m all about keeping it bite-sized, so you can digest and fully utilize the power of each step. That’s the foundation of how I created my Mindset Reset course. So, if you’re loving these books and want dive in deeper and make a commitment to the powerful shifts you’re seeking for the next year, then check out my course HERE.

If you’re looking for more, I reference books all.the.time in my podcast, Unlimited.

You can check it out HERE

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