Fantastic Emotions and Where to Find Them

Fantastic emotions and where to find them guides you to where you begin to access your power within your emotions. You often hear emotions spoken of as powerful. However, it’s really YOU who are powerful. The problem is we aren’t taught to understand the dynamics of our emotions. Instead, we are conditioned to avoid unpleasant emotions and simultaneously hope that the enjoyable ones will eventually be earned. This leaves us feeling at the mercy of our emotions instead of empowered by them. Despite this, more and more people are realizing there’s an issue here. Many parents are working to support their children’s emotional awareness. Companies are hosting talks and workshops around emotional intelligence. Most importantly, you’re here listening to this podcast episode! As you do, remember that emotion work is deeper than an intellectual exercise. It’s normal if it feels overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself in this process.

In this episode of Unlimited, I engage understanding your fantastic emotions and where to find empowerment inside them.

Some of what I talk about in this episode includes:

  • Emotional intelligence vs emotional awareness vs emotional literacy
  • Expanding emotional awareness
  • Developing your emotional language
  • Understanding emotional expression
  • Noticing trigger patterns
  • Separating experience from identity

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