Healing from Toxic Money Stories

Money stories. Many of the ones our society is swimming in are toxic. In order to change those stories and create healthier structures, we need to consciously engage them as individuals. I have many clients who are working to step out of lack mentality and create a greater sense of abundance in their life.

They come from a variety of backgrounds and make anywhere from $0 staring out to 6 figures. The woman I’m coaching in this episode is a current client. She signed up for this session because, though we’ve already done a fair amount of work around money, she was still finding herself triggered in certain situations and wanted to dig in further.

In this episode of Unlimited, you’ll hear us explore internalized societal money stories and unlearning them to create mental freedom and empowered choices.

Some of what we engage in this episode include:

  • Fear of disappointing family
  • The difference between effort and suffering
  • Defining work and what’s valuable
  • Choosing your relationship with money

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