How Do I Motivate Working on MY Projects?

“How do I motivate working on MY projects, especially as my work gets busy?” asks the woman I coach in this episode. She is a CPA in a small town with her own tax and accounting practice that has exploded in the past 3 years. Recently divorced, she was not expecting her business to grow so quickly at this point in her career. She has many creative hobbies that she wants to work on. However, when she’s done with work for the day she finds herself watching tv, rather than engaging any of her other interests. Her hope in signing up for a session was to have more clarity on how to spend time on things for herself.

In this episode of Unlimited, you’ll hear us unpack the notions of laziness and lack of motivation to explore the root of where energy is going and how to make room for YOU too.

Some of what we engage in this episode include:

  • Mental energy and allocating resources
  • Setting boundaries with clients and yourself around work time
  • Identifying a difficult client avatar and ideal client avatar
  • When hobbies become draining
  • Attachment to outcomes even when you know better
  • Cultivating a relationship with yourself

This client isn’t unique in her struggle. We’re not taught and in many ways are actively discouraged from having a healthy relationship with ourselves. Women in particular are fed a message that we are supposed to put ourselves on the back burner to take care of others (from our family to our work) and just doing so should give us all we need. Except that’s not how it works. You only have so much energy to give and you certainly deserve some of that allocation! 

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