How to Manifest What You Want

How to manifest what you want in life is a fairly mainstream topic these days, yet it’s also typically misunderstood. It’s misunderstood because it’s a concept popularized by books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. This concept of manifestation is based in problematic pseudoscience. It relates to believing something into existence and it is closely related to the toxic use of positivity. True manifestation does have roots in psychology and does have practical applications. The real secret is that you are constantly manifesting. The problem is, it’s often not what you want. When you understand how manifestation actually works, then you can create a better impact in your life and in the world around you.

In this episode of Unlimited, I dig into how to consciously engage your ability to manifest what you want in life.

Some of what I talk about in this episode includes:

  • What is manifestation
  • The popular lies of manifestation
  • How manifestation really works
  • Taking the power from fear and fueling courage
  • Where we go wrong with manifestation 

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