More Self-Control Is Not Always the Answer

More self-control is not always the answer to creating calm and order in your life, despite what you may have heard from other personal development folks. Many of my clients come to me seeking calm and order because they’re feeling overwhelmed, unclear, disorganized or scattered. We’re trained to believe that what we need to overcome this sense of being out of control is to become more disciplined. That if you want to get off the emotional roller-coaster and be more consistent you must learn better self-control. The problem is this doesn’t work, at least not sustainably, and usually leads to increased frustration and self-doubt.

In this episode of Unlimited, the podcast, I’m diving into how to create more calm and order without fighting yourself for control.

Some of what I’ll cover in this episode include:

  • Why words like control, discipline, and even consistent can be problematic
  • Knowing what’s mine and what’s not mine
  • Care vs control
  • A guide for clarifying and honoring priorities
  • How to be intentional

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