Supporting Your Relationship With YOU

The number one relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. It influences how you experience and engage every other relationship be it with people, situations, or resources. Interestingly though, your relationship with yourself is also built by all your other relationships. Most of the dynamics of your self-relationship happen in the background of your mind, unconsciously influencing what you notice around you, how you feel about what you notice, and how you then show up to those things. One step to feeling more in control of your life is to bring those self-relationship dynamics to consciousness and make active choices in how you develop this super important relationship.

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In this episode of Unlimited, I’m diving into some tools to unlock awareness and taking charge of your relationship with yourself. 

  • Some of what I’ll cover in this episode include:
  • Identifying obstacles like toxic individualism and comparisonitis
  • The stories you tell about who you are
  • Learning about yourself through others
  • Identifying actions to retrain your brain
  • The people you want on your support team 

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