Helpful vs Harmful Mindset Work

Helpful vs harmful mindset work is a critical distinction to make for anyone interested in real change. Too many of the problems our society faces are framed as individual issues and placed on individuals to solve. First, this fails to address the real issues and instead perpetuates them. Second, it has developed a billion-dollar industry that feeds on itself. Mindset work IS powerful and CAN make a huge difference in your life.  The key is to know the difference between individual thought patterns and systemic dynamics. When you stop accepting the blame for systemic issues you can more effectively create change in your life and in the systems you’re a part of.

In today’s episode of Unlimited, I explore how to spot harmful mindset stories and instead engage helpful mindset work.

Some of what I talk about in this episode includes:

  • The difference between what is and isn’t mindset
  • Over-individualism and pathologizing stress
  • The false binary of empowered or victimized
  • Releasing the blame game
  • The power of perception and accessing choice

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