Seven Steps to Mindful Time Management

Seven steps to mindful time management sounds simple and, in some ways, it is, but it isn’t what you think. It’s not about tips for the best productivity hacks, habits to manage your time wisely, or tools to schedule yourself for optimal effectiveness. It actually starts with acknowledging that we have an unhealthy view of what we should be doing with our time in the first place. Along with that we have unreasonable expectations of how much we should be able to do with our time. Once we become aware of those dynamics in how we think about time, then we can start engaging time from a more conscious and sustainable place. (As opposed to a reactive one that burns you out.)

In this episode of Unlimited, I explore what it means to mindfully manage your time, what’s stopping you from doing it, and the steps to more mindful time management.

Some of what I talk about in this episode includes:

  • Understanding what it means to manage your time
  • Being at choice with your time
  • Embracing flexibility to maximize your time
  • The impact of mindset and societal stories on time management 
  • Ways to engage mindful time management

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