Shift From Drained to Motivated

Shift from drained to motivated by understanding five commonly internalized values that often work against women. Our values are beliefs that motivate us and drive our decisions. However, not all the values we hold are intentionally chosen values. Many of them are internalized beliefs from important adults when we were young, as well as beliefs emphasized by the society that we live in. Even if we consciously think about them one way, they may be motivating us in a way we don’t realize. If that subconscious motivation triggers your stress response, then it’s also draining you in the process of motivating you. Through my work with high-achieving women, I’ve found this dynamic to be a recurring theme with the values of responsibility, reliability, respect, achievement, and discipline. 

In today’s episode of Unlimited, I explore how understanding the dynamics of these five values along with the desired freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment can help shift you from drained to motivated. 

Some of what I talk about in this episode includes:

  • Internalized values vs intentional values
  • Using values to improve the quality of your motivation
  • How to engage your relationship with your values
  • Supporting yourself through the fear of letting people down
  • Finding freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment
  • The values of Valerie Friedlander Coaching

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