The Unlimited Podcast, hosted by Valerie Friedlander, CPC, ELI-MP, supports badass women who are on a journey to move beyond their learned limitations to live present, fun, and impactful lives. It's all about reaching for the stars while keeping your feet on the ground. Valerie is a certified life/business alignment coach with over 20 years of science and spiritually based personal development study. She understands the multi-passionate life as a wife, mom, business owner, artist, and sci-fi/fantasy nerd.

Join her on this adventure to create an intentionally impactful life, led with love.

What is Life Coaching?

By Valerie Friedlander

One of the questions I get asked most often is “What is a life coach?” That’s why episode #1 of Unlimited is all about life coaching!  In this episode of Unlimited, the podcast, I’m sharing the importance of life coaching and how to understand this very popular, very helpful, but also very vague modality. Some of what…

Welcome to Unlimited

By Valerie Friedlander

Welcome! I’m Valerie Friedlander, CPC, ELI-MP and the host of Unlimited Podcast. In this episode, I share a snapshot of the whats and whys of this podcast as well as my background and approach to the topics we’ll cover here. We will be discussing topics such as: Impostor syndrome, stretching comfort zones, and building confidence…