Unlimited is a podcast for badass women who are on a journey to release learned limitations and live a more present, fun, and intentional life.

Tune in for inspiration and tools to help you reach for the stars while keeping your feet on the ground.

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Allowing Space to Imperfectly Love Your Body & Yourself Blog Cover

Allowing Space to Imperfectly Love Your Body & Yourself

By Valerie Friedlander

Allowing space to imperfectly love your body and yourself is so important but yet not something most of us do. Our society tends to be very focused on hard work and results, which feeds an attachment to outcome. We are sold over and over the idea that something else has to happen before we can…

More self-control is not always the answer Blog post

More Self-Control Is Not Always the Answer

By Valerie Friedlander

More self-control is not always the answer to creating calm and order in your life, despite what you may have heard from other personal development folks. Many of my clients come to me seeking calm and order because they’re feeling overwhelmed, unclear, disorganized or scattered. We’re trained to believe that what we need to overcome…

Retraining Your Brain Blog Cover image

Retraining Your Body and Your Brain

By Valerie Friedlander

Retraining Your Body takes Retraining your Brain and establishing a conscious relationship between the two. Brains love patterns and most of them reside in your subconscious because your brain is designed to make things easier for you. It learns the pattern and, as soon as possible, moves that learning into your subconscious, in order to…

Podcast Episode #33 Blog Cover

How Do I Motivate Working on MY Projects?

By Valerie Friedlander

“How do I motivate working on MY projects, especially as my work gets busy?” asks the woman I coach in this episode. She is a CPA in a small town with her own tax and accounting practice that has exploded in the past 3 years. Recently divorced, she was not expecting her business to grow…

Podcast Episode #32 Blog Cover

Aligning Life As A Multi-Passionate

By Valerie Friedlander

Aligning Life as a Multi-passionate can seem complicated. How do you decide what to focus on, what to monetize, and what you actually WANT to do? It can get a little overwhelming. It’s hard not to fall into worrying about picking the “wrong” thing or letting go of the “right” thing. Even passions in our…

Dealing With Burnout Blog Cover

Dealing With Burnout Beyond the 9 to 5

By Valerie Friedlander

Dealing with burnout exists beyond the 9-5, thought we mostly hear it talked about in relation to being an employee for a company. In most studies, the number one factor identified as the cause of burnout is a boss. Many entrepreneurs leave the corporate burnout culture in order to have the freedom and fulfillment of…